Find the Spotify songs you thought were lost!

Harken lets you find all the songs you thought you lost forever. Can't remember the name of that song you heard in a playlist but isn't there anymore? Let Harken find it for you!


You'll never lose a song in a Spotify playlist again!

Spotify has several playlists which are "made for you", they auto-shuffle each day to provide you with new songs. But, what happens if you forget to take note of a song you like and it gets removed? Enter Harken!


Everything Harken can do for you!

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Playlist Rewind

Liked that playlist how it was last week? No worries, let's restore that version for you.

Daily Changes Report

See all of the additions and removals made per day, every day for every playlist you track.

Playlist Analytics*

Curious to know which songs come up the most in your playlists? Let Harken show you.

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  • Track unlimited playlists
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